India’s COVID-19 tragedy tops 400,000 daily cases



As media reports continue to reflect stories of families in India unable to get treatment for their loved ones, exhausted health workers, and continuous funeral pyres, the country’s nearly vertical spike in infections led to 400,000 new cases today.

Also, India’s massive surge pushed the global total past 150 million cases today, though many countries are reporting declines, including Brazil, which is still battling its worst spike.

Mass vaccination challenge in India

India’s health ministry today reported 402,110 new cases, along with 3,522 more deaths, according to the country’s health ministry, a daily record for both India and the world.

Scientists advising India’s government say mathematical modeling suggests the country’s cases may peak between May 3 and May 5, slightly earlier than previous estimates, according to Reuters.

A day ahead of the India’s launch of a mass immunization effort, lack of vaccine supply is already postponing the rollout in some states, including Karnataka, according to a separate Reuters report. So far, only about 9% of the country’s 1.4 billion people have received a dose of COVID vaccine.

In other response developments, the government triggered special powers that will allow India’s military to help with response operations, which include establishing and staffing quarantine facilities and hospitals, as well as buying provisions to help with the surge, according to CNN.

Aid continues to flow into India from other countries and corporations, with the first aid flight from the United States arriving today. Meanwhile, pledges of help continue, including from China, where President Xi Jinping offered to help, according to China’s state media.


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