COVID Delta spread renews mask order in Israel, lockdown in Sydney



As several countries such as Indonesia battle fresh surges fueled by the Delta SARS-CoV-2 variant and other factors, others are taking early actions to limit the spread, including Australia and Israel.

In other developments, health officials in India fearing another wave of infections from a variant related to Delta, which they call Delta Plus, have put the brakes in the easing of restrictions in part of Marahashtra state.

Delta activity gains speed, triggers warning bells

Indonesia yesterday reported a record daily high of more than 20,000 cases, with the Delta variant spreading in the wake of Ramadan holiday travel. And hospitals feeling the pressure are building tent emergency units to free up capacity for COVID-19 patients, according to Reuters.

Intensive care unit (ICU) beds are near capacity in Jakarta, where some hospitals are being set up to exclusively treat COVID-19 patients. Health officials have taken some distancing measures in the hardest hit areas, but have stopped short of full lockdowns.

Russia’s capital Moscow, the country’s main hot spot, reported a single-day high of 601 deaths, as the country reported 20,393 new cases, the highest since Jan 24, according to Arab News.


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