Long COVID symptoms: What we (don’t) know and who it impacts


For patients with long COVID, understanding the symptoms or even getting recognition for the disease has been hard. DW spoke with one expert who answered a few of our most pressing questions.

Debilitating symptoms from COVID-19 can last well past the initial course of the disease for some patients. Researchers have been trying to figure out what triggers cases of long COVID and if certain people are more susceptible to it.

Dr. David Strain heads the British Medical Association’s work on the long-term impact of COVID-19. He has also had the disease himself. He recently spoke with DW.

Deutsche Welle: Is there any way of speeding up recovery for sufferers of long-term COVID? 

Dr. David Strain: That’s a really interesting question because we don’t really know what the natural history of COVID itself isSo, I get many reports of people who, for example, are taking multi-vitamins or are taking other health supplements and swear that it has made a dramatic difference for them. 

But I also get reports from people who’ve done no intervention and have got dramatically better for no apparent reason. Whereas in all cases, we get people who don’t get better.  

At this moment in time, in the absence of randomized control trials, we don’t have any definitive answer as to what will or won’t work. 

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