Will Americans need a 3rd dose of the coronavirus vaccine?


LONDON — Days after Israel announced it would offer a third dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine to people 60 and over, some European countries are following suit.

On Sunday, the British newspaper the Telegraph reported that 32 million Britons would be offered the so-called booster shots as early as next month. Germany announced on Monday that it would similarly give booster shots to vulnerable populations in September. And on Tuesday, Sweden announced its own booster shot program — for next year — for most of its adult population.

Some of these nations have been applauded for their early efforts in rolling out vaccinations, but the rise of the highly contagious Delta variant and concerns over waning vaccine immunity have left countries around the world searching for ways to further protect fully vaccinated vulnerable people.

But what does it mean for vaccinated populations in the U.S.? And will Americans be offered a third dose in the future?

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