3 Florida Educators Die Of COVID-19 Within 24 Hours As Schools Prepare To Reopen





Less than a week before schools are set to reopen in Florida’s Broward County, local union officials say three educators have died of complications from the coronavirus. The deaths were all recorded within a 24-hour span, according to union officials representing employees of the local school district.

Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco said the start of the new school year has been a mix of emotions as the first day approaches.

“The whole excitement of going back was just running through our teachers when we went back to work on Wednesday,” Fusco told NPR by phone Saturday. “And then the sense of anxiety that our governor’s interfering with the safety protocols and wanting to block the mask mandate because they know it’s an extra layer of protection. And then the deaths that were reported.”

Fusco said 48-year-old Pinewood Elementary teacher and union steward Janice Wright, 49-year-old Dillard Elementary teacher Katina Jones and 49-year-old teaching assistant Yolonda Hudson-Williams, also of Dillard Elementary, were the educators who lost their lives to COVID-19 this past week.

None of them were vaccinated, Fusco said.

Schools in Broward County are expected to reopen for the new academic year on Wednesday.



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